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Eminem - Soldier
I'm a soldier, I'm a soldier
I'm a soldier, I'm a soldier

[Verse 1 ]
Yo... Never was a thug,
Just infatuated with guns,
Never was a gangsta,
Till I graduated to one
And got the rep of a villain,
For weapon concealin'
Took the image of a thug,
Kept shit appealin'
Willin' to stick out my neck,
For respect if it meant life
Or death, never live
To regret what I said
When you're me,
People just wanna see, if it's true,
If it's you, what you say
In your raps, what you do
So they feel,
As part of your obligation to fulfill,
When they see you on the Streets,
Face to face, are you for real
In confrontation
Ain't no conversation,
If you feel you're in violation,
Any hesitation'll get you killed
If you feel it, kill it,
If you conceal it, reveal it
Bein' reasonable
Will leave you full of bullets,
Pull it, squeeze it
Till it's empty,
Tempt me, push me, pussies,
I need a good reason to give this
Trigger a good squeeze...

[Chorus: ]
I'm a soldier,
These shoulders hold up so much,
They won't budge,
I'll never fall or
Fold up
I'm a soldier,
Even if my collar
Bones crush or crumble,
I will never slip or stumble

[Verse 2 ]
I love pissin' you off,
It gets me off, like my lawyers,
When the fuckin' judge
Lets me off
All you motherfuckas
Gotta do is set me off,
I'll violate and
All the motherfuckin'
Bets be off
I'm a lit fuse,
Anything I do bring
It's news, pistol
Whippin' motherfuckin' bouncers,
six-two, who needs bullets?
Soon as I pull it,
You sweat bullets,
An excellent method to get
Rid of the next bully
It's actually better cause
Instead you murderin',
You can hurt 'em and come
Back again and kick dirt at 'em
It's like pourin'
Salt in the wounds,
Assault and get sued,
You can smell the lawsuits
Soon as I waltz in the room
Everybody halts and stops,
Calls the cops, all
You see is bitches comin' out
Their halter tops
Runnin' and duckin' out
To the Hot Rocks
Parkin' lot,
You'll all get shot
Whether its your fault or not, 'cuz...

[Chorus ]

[Verse 3 ]
I spit it slow
So these kids know that
I'm talkin' to 'em,
Give it back to
These damn critics and sock it to 'em
I'm like a thug,
With a little bit of Pac influence,
I spew it, and look
How I got you bitches
Rockin' to it
You motherfuckas could never
Do it like I could do it,
Don't even try it,
you'll look stupid,
Do not pursue it
Don't ever in your life,
Try to knock the truest,
I spit the illest shit,
Ever been
Dropped to two inch
So ticky-tock
Listen as the sound
Ticks on the clock,
Listen to the sound of Kim
As she licks on a cock
Listen to the sound of me
Spillin' my heart
Through this pen,
Motherfuckers know that
I'll never be
Marshall again
Full of controversy
Until I retire my jersey,
Till the fire inside dies
And expires at thirty
And Lord have mercy
On any more of these rappers
That verse me,
And put a curse on authorities
In the face of adversity
I'm a...


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